Lock lips

Saw this chap staring at us whilst trying to order a curry one lunchtime. Come on fella, we don't want any trouble! Send your faces to

15:04 PM January 04, 2012

Potty mouth

Didn't feel right doing as nature intended while this was looking back at us. Freak! Send your faces to

14:46 PM December 07, 2011

Margarita Man

Since our first food face, 'Smiley' our balsamic & olive oil incarnation, we've encountered 'Margarita Man' a cheeky chap found atop our Mexican beverage. Send your faces to

14:07 PM March 21, 2011

Well oiled

Lunchtime's olive oil & balsamic bread bath as prepared by the Watchmen. Aciiiiiiiiiid! Send your faces to

19:19 PM August 28, 2010