William Nil

A certain chain of betting office not far from the studio erased a small piece of art history recently and with it we lost some sporting icons of yesteryear. Displayed for about 20 years were images of Ian Wright, Nigel Mansell, Sally Gunnell, Andre Agassi and Alan Shearer (the latter with hair) all in their sporting pomp and much loved it was too. The revamp is now full of stock imagery making a rather dull store front!

09:00 AM December 21, 2012

Obey latest

The “Sedation Of Millions” by Shepard Fairey has just gone up on Bateman's Row.

Great quote from the man on the piece here.


08:26 AM October 25, 2012

We like...

Leonard Street Car Park's latest adornment pleases us. Wallpaper for the office?

13:24 PM September 20, 2012

Open wide

Lost in the rabbit warrens of Granada, Spain, we chanced upon this gaping hole that framed a rather suspicious door. Clever use of a crumbled wall. Didn't hang about to see what was inside, maybe a Spanish dentist?

16:34 PM June 21, 2012

Love Lovebox

Lovebox have painted the town white, advertising their festival this summer.

Barfly, Camden has been turned into a box of Lovebox washing powder.

So fresh and so clean.

13:44 PM June 13, 2012

Lady Spray

The standard of graffiti in Shoreditch is high. Yet another piece that's popped up and caught the eye by Dave Walker Skills.

08:45 AM October 27, 2010

Good Evil Type

Brilliant type sprayed onto Great Eastern Street for the Pure Evil gallery, reminds us of old Santa Cruz decals. Good Evil.

13:37 PM August 31, 2010