These little fellas get everywhere!

15:02 PM June 13, 2014

Honey Monster

Our kind friends at Dutch Uncle delivered Honey to us this week. What a sweet gesture!

15:39 PM February 28, 2014

Some of that foreign muck

New studio rule has been implemented. Should any member of The Creative Arms go on holiday or take a short break, upon their return, the national dish* of said country must be brought back for team lunch. 

So far this year we've had Cornish pasties from St. Ives and now Hot Dogs from LA.

Hopefully someone will go to India before Friday.

*Note: This doesn't include sweets from the airport!

09:29 AM July 11, 2012

Today's Top Story

TheCreativeArms local watering hole 'The Barley Mow' stocks up on our favourite seasonal guest ale for the summer months. Result!

08:39 AM June 14, 2012

Bunch of 4 years olds!

Many thanks to all those who attended our 4th Birthday Party last night… and bought gifts (bonus)! Rum punch flowed, miniature cakes were scoffed and the summer vibes were in full effect. Sore heads we salute you!

11:10 AM May 25, 2012

Girl Panic at Savoir!

Many thanks to The End Events for inviting us to the Savoir Beds party last night.

Great transformation of the Savoir showroom into a club with gorgeous beds, drinks a plenty and models in undies having pillow fights. For the best night sleep, visit, check the Duran Duran Girl Panic video, model-tastic!

09:43 AM May 16, 2012

girlfriends typography

Typographic excellence from the missus who commissioned this lovely piece of neon type as gift for my birthday. Lights up in 80's neon pink! Beauty!

15:25 PM May 10, 2012

Jambox from Charity: Water

We were really excited to recieve our limited edition Charity: Water Jambox yesterday! From the packaging on the outside to the mighty mini boom box on the inside we were all very impressed. The sound quality for it's size is amazing and the noises it makes when you turn it on and off have kept us all playing with it.  So a big thank you to everyone at Charity: Water and to our very good friends at Nomodo for the lovely surprise.

12:14 PM May 03, 2012

Welcome to The Creative Arms Blog!

At last, we've finally found the time to join the rest of the world and jump on the blog train. We'll be showcasing our work, our thoughts, our friends whilst actively encouraging you to comment, rant and rave, so don't be shy. So join us for a touch of nonsense, a slice of debate and a little blatant self promotion. Enough of the fanfare, from the sublime to the ridiculous, let the blog commence.

13:00 PM August 27, 2010