Dalston Darlings

Fresh out of the oven! We've just finalised the new logo for the Dalston Darlings WI.
As part of the pitch, we put forward the idea of Dee Dee, Dalston Darlings new representative.
Promise of cakes and home baked goods have been mentioned for our creative. Thanks in advance!
Follow the ladies on!/dalstondarlings.

13:07 PM March 23, 2012

RBS Sachin USB

Sachin Tenduklar last week completed his one hundredth century! A truly remarkable sporting achievement.
In conjunction with RBS and Synergy Sponsorship we created a bespoke USB stick with a video interviews of Sachin.
With anyone who has experienced such a large case of the runs, I imagine he's now resting up. Bravo.

18:33 PM March 22, 2012