Warhol's Ride

Lovin the BMW Art Car collection that's currently on at the NCP car park on Curtain Road. 

It's showcasing artists like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and David Hockney who have created amazing paint jobs for some nifty beemers. Classic retro bmw's vs iconic artists is a must see. 

16:03 PM July 27, 2012

Olympic Infographic Concepts

We were lucky enough to have a small slice of the London 2012 Olympic work this year. These are a few of the designs that came in fourth… The rest of the info-graphic work should be appearing soon! On your marks...

16:36 PM July 25, 2012

Flame on!

The Creative Arms got their mitts on the Olympic torch last night at the launch of the new Crussh at Box Park. It belonged to Olympic Diver Leon Taylor who was careful to loan out obviously. Beautifully made torch, was great to hold a slice of UK history!

10:09 AM July 11, 2012

Some of that foreign muck

New studio rule has been implemented. Should any member of The Creative Arms go on holiday or take a short break, upon their return, the national dish* of said country must be brought back for team lunch. 

So far this year we've had Cornish pasties from St. Ives and now Hot Dogs from LA.

Hopefully someone will go to India before Friday.

*Note: This doesn't include sweets from the airport!

09:29 AM July 11, 2012

Go Team GB

EDF have done a beautiful set of images for the London 2012 games. Friend of TCA, Victoria Pendleton, is seen here doing her thang in moody lighting.

14:54 PM July 10, 2012