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Leonard Street Car Park's latest adornment pleases us. Wallpaper for the office?

13:24 PM September 20, 2012

New Baaa

The Creative Arms are proud to brand Chiswick's first micro brewery serving an incredible range of cask ales, bottled beers and great food. 

The identity uses the Lamb as a vessel, which can be filled with lots of different textures, images and ideas to give the brand flexibility, fun and strong character. 

We created two main marks and christened them 'Frothy' and 'Hoppy' and they feature throughout the pub from beer pumps to staff aprons.

The result is a cohesive and distinctive brand that can be kept fresh and current, just like their lovely beers. What EWE waiting for - see us down their for a pint...

13:59 PM September 19, 2012