Completely blown away by the work of Doug Foster at the recent Minotaur Exhibition at the Old Vic tunnels. A wealth of other amazing artwork also on display, looking forward to the next one.

14:23 PM October 25, 2011

Never leave home without it...

We knocked this together incase Switzerland ever wanted to host such an event. Contact TCA HQ for the rights to the poster design.

14:19 PM October 24, 2011

Tron Waltzer

Whilst snapping the missus whizzing around the fun park at Beach Break, managed to snap a tron-esque style light display. Warp speed.

14:16 PM October 15, 2011

Woodland piss up

Ever suffer from insomnia, me neither. I put it down to a small digestif at the end of the night to settle the stomach and dampen the noggin. When we saw this wallpaper by House of Hackney it mirrored our world, we just had to have it. Badger with a Pina Colada, stuff of dreams. 

14:14 PM October 14, 2011