Poppy's Painting

Newest recruit to The Creative Arms, Poppy (aged 3), has developed skills in Photoshop already.

To avoid the mess of painting and the mammoth clear up, Chris has introduced his daughter to the computer.

'Hundred Acre Wood' by Poppy. Charles Saatchi has already been in touch.

11:25 AM November 28, 2012

Tron Bike Lights

We absolutely love these new bike lights created by Revolights!

Bringing Tron to life via cycling, the future is coming.

Check the video for a bit more wow factor…

11:33 AM November 13, 2012

Owl be seeing you...

Lovely bit of 2D graphic. Find it quite hypnotising...

12:45 PM November 08, 2012

Milly + Wong

We've just completed the branding for a New York based candle company Milly + Wong. Based in the East Village, Milly + Wong hand pour beautiful candles in various sized Mason jars.

Visit for more information or to order.

11:09 AM November 06, 2012