William Nil

A certain chain of betting office not far from the studio erased a small piece of art history recently and with it we lost some sporting icons of yesteryear. Displayed for about 20 years were images of Ian Wright, Nigel Mansell, Sally Gunnell, Andre Agassi and Alan Shearer (the latter with hair) all in their sporting pomp and much loved it was too. The revamp is now full of stock imagery making a rather dull store front!

09:00 AM December 21, 2012

God's Own Junkyard

If you head down to Soho soon  be sure to head to Beak Street to check out  the exhibition by Chris Bracey. This great collection of neon light work will dazzle you with a great range of typography and imagery.

09:51 AM December 20, 2012

Father Gym-mas

So it appears even santa realises the need to keep fit these days, spotted his beard hung up whilst he hit the treadmill hard this morning. One too many mince pies?

10:06 AM December 17, 2012


A first at TheCreativeArms this week. Thanks to the talents of one of our favourite snappers Jon Attenborough, a piece of work we collaborated on appeared on Italian Vogue Online. On for all the Fasnionistas out there, big up Jon you Aussie scoundrel!

17:21 PM December 14, 2012

Pub Ammo

We were sick off not having quality beer mats for our cups of cheer at the public house. So we've made our own. Details on how to win a set to follow...

10:21 AM December 13, 2012