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Global Strategic Alliances unit is a new venture within MasterCard. Their team is collaborating with bold organizations, who want to transform the industry they work in. Armed with behavioral insight, they wanted to reinvent not only the point of a customer’s transaction with a brand, but also the entire experience that it is predicated on.


We were asked to deliver a front facing film for this new business initiative. They wanted to engage with smaller B2B clients in the their ‘Strategic Alliance’ campaign. They had no look, feel or strategy on how to take this project to market so this is what we proposed. This is a visual analogy that centres around the idea of cross pollination. The video is based on the ‘Journey of the Bee’ and how by being part of ‘Strategic Alliances’ can make amazing this happen by helping you connect your services with other consumer markets and make business bloom


The Video was concepted, scripted, drafted, storyboarded, illustrated and animated by TheCreativeArms with extra help from illustration and animation collaborators.

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